Want to upgrade your Caesar salad? Caesar Salad with Chicken and Caperberry is the way! It is a simple homemade dressing with no anchovies involved with all the classical ingredients plus caperberries. Delicious! Caesar Salad with Chicken and Caperberry is a healthier version of the traditional one. It doesn’t contain as much dressing, nor too much olive oil. I cut on the bacon bits and removed the anchovies to keep it light and vegetarian. While researching the recipe, I learned they were not in the original Caesar salad. The creator, Caesar Cardini, an Italian restaurateur living in San Diego and Mexico, apparently didn’t like anchovies. So, this time, I’ve exchanged all those “side” ingredients and added caperberries instead. It contrasts perfectly with the creamy dressing and gives the salad the extra savoury it needs; without saying… it’s way lighter! The Secret Ingredient Another fact about Caesar Salad, which I didn’t know, is that the…