This is a lovely imitation of a beloved meal turned into a carb-free dish! Plentiful, nonetheless, this zoodle or zucchini pasta will melt your heart! It is so simple to pull together; all you’ll need is cream, an egg yolk, sweet peas, parmesan and crisp bacon bits! Those Zoodle Carbonara with sweet peas are great with any creamy sauce, and why not give it a touch of crunch with the bacon bits? Carbonara sauce can be made the traditional way, which is without cream, just eggs, bacon, parmesan, and oil, or the sinful way, which involves cream. Since those zoodles are so healthy and light, let’s make the sauce the sinful way, should we? What is Zoodles? Zoodles is basically making spaghetti with zucchini, or courgette, they say, in Europe. Formed by sliding the veggie lengthwise on a cheese grater, a julienne mandoline or a spiralizer. The zucchini is simply…