Tropical Sangria

Hibiscus-pineapple Sangria is a ruby red, bubbly and exotic tasting Sangria, perfect for those hot summer days. The flavor of hibiscus tea, for the ones that don’t know it yet, resembles cranberries juice, there is a certain bitterness to it. So usually you add some kind of sweetener to it and it turns it into… Continue reading Tropical Sangria


Spanish Hugo (Elderflower and Cava)

This is the “new” cool drink of the summer, already up, in Germany, and I’m spreading the good news here… Well the original version is from the north of Italy and it contains prosecco, elderflower, lime and mint. In my Spanish version, I’ve used a nice Cava instead of prosecco, and it taste fantastic! Last week… Continue reading Spanish Hugo (Elderflower and Cava)


Hibiscus Sangria

Summer is almost here… it’s time for outdoor fun, it’s time for a refreshing Sangria! Here is a slightly different one, a healthier version from the traditional red wine sangria. It’s the Hibiscus Sangria with mango, mandarin and lime slices and Cava (sparkling wine), to make it extra bubbly! I’ve seen a recipe not long ago of… Continue reading Hibiscus Sangria

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Pasta Marinera al Cava

Marinera Mussels (Mejillones Marinera) is, usually, a typical dish in Spain. It simply combines 2 of the best things on earth: Pasta and Marinera Mussels cooked in sparkling wine. More precisely: Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine, but it could be replace by any type of sparkling wines. This touch makes the dish even more dreamy and bubbly! The… Continue reading Pasta Marinera al Cava