Caesar Salad with Chicken and Caperberries is an healthier version from the traditional one. It doesn’t contain as much sauce, nor too much olive oil. Also, I’ve cut on the bacon bits, back in Canada, some people could crucify me for this…sorry. And finally, I took off the anchovies, which I learned while researching for the recipe, was not in the original Caesar Salad. Actually the creator, Caesar Cardini, an Italian restaurateur living in San Diego and also working in Mexico, apparently didn’t like anchovies at all. So, this time, I’ve exchanged all those “side” ingredients and add caperberries instead.  It contrast perfectly the creamy dressing and give the salad that extra touch of savory it needs, without saying… it’s way healthier than bacon… Another fact about Caesar Salad, which I didn’t know is, that the original recipe contains Worcestershire sauce. Surprising to learn that; an Italian living in the USA, working in Mexico, add a British ingredient…