Tender braised pork cheek in wine sauce is a strong and powerful flavoured dish although the meat is so tender and melt on your tongue. I’ve encountered this dish on a tapas night out in San Sebastian, Spain, hidden Tapas bar in a downtown plaza dark corner called “La cuchara de San Telmo”, a divine place! It’s their star dish, they don’t even have to write it down on the menu board anymore.. since it’s so popular. It was served as a tapas, which means it was a small portion, but it was too good to just get a bite… we add to order a second time this tapa. Simply divine! The trick here is to cook slow and long your pork cheek! Especially with this particular piece of meat. The pork cheek is so underrated, it should be the most expensive and exquisite piece of pork but lucky for our wallet it’s not……