Blueberry pork cheek on a vinegar braised cabbage bed is such a long title for such a simple dish. The inspiration here was a concoction I found in “Tigidou” store on the Orleans Island by Quebec city; a blueberry maple concoction. I’ve build the dish around this delicious concoction. Pork cheeks are such a tasty part and so tender when cooked for a while at low temperature. They are always juicy and filled with flavors and so easy to make. The problem is to find them in the store, so whether you know a kind butcher that doesn’t keep those gems to himself or are lucky enough to know a store where to get those low priced cuts.The cheeks are relatively a small amount of meat, so I suggest to calculate 2 cheeks per person for the house’s carnivores. If your butcher is asking you with or without the bone, I…