cherry tomatoes


Everyone love a good Caprese salad (tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella with olive oil), so why not change it a bit and make it a pasta salad, and since it’s spring why not add a few green asparagus to celebrate that! This is such a simple idea, and takes no time to make. It’s a “feeling lazy today” kind of meal… Just need to cook the pasta of your choice (healthier versions too like quinoa pasta or kamut) a bunch of cherry tomatoes and those precious and fresh mozzarella balls, or the big balls of mozzarella do too, cut into small cubes. Although simple it’s so good and fresh. You’ll see you might end up doing it every other week this summer. This is a dish with delicate flavours, which means… we can taste that great extra-virgin olive oil we always keep for big occasions. By the way, olive oil doesn’t…