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Tandoori chicken-pineapple skewers

Tandoori chicken-pineapple skewers is an easy, packed with indian flavors dish, especially  great on the BBQ. I do not own one, so I make my skewers in the boring oven and they still taste fantastic. Tandoori, in the western world, is a simple marinade filled with different indian spices, the soft kind, not spicy at all. On the other hand, in… Continue reading Tandoori chicken-pineapple skewers

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Pistachio crusted chicken breast

Pistachio crusted chicken breast on lime and olive oil quinoa fusilli topped with bits of dried tomatoes is a nice crunchy bite for any pistachio lovers. Making a crust with nuts is always a winning recipe, especially with those salty, precious pistachios. The hardest in this recipe is to crack open all those pistachios, the rest… Continue reading Pistachio crusted chicken breast

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Mediterranean Chicken Fajitas

Mediterranean Fajitas is a merge of two cuisines, the format is all Tex-Mex although the flavours are purely Mediterranean with lots of thyme, garlic, olive oil, etc. Let me explain the toppings first, this version of guacamole is made similar to the original one except, i’ve used flat leaf parsley instead of cilantro. Mediterranean means olive oil,… Continue reading Mediterranean Chicken Fajitas

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Cured ham chicken rolls with mediterranean veggies

Cured ham and sage chicken rolls with mediterranean veggies like zucchinis, yellow pepper, tomatoes, onion, garlic, rosemary and thyme casserole is a light, packed with flavor, easy meal. I know… it’s a long… long… title for such a simple dish. A beloved “under 30 minutes meal” recipe, and filled with mediterranean flavors, who can resist that?… Continue reading Cured ham chicken rolls with mediterranean veggies


Banh Mi with Lemongrass Chicken

Banh Mi with Lemongrass Chicken is another one of those highlights from Vietnam. The sandwich got created back in Indochine, when the French were occupying Vietnam. That’s why it’s a baguette bread, although all the rest is Vietnamese flavors. I remember my first bite into a Banh Mi, it was in my college years back in… Continue reading Banh Mi with Lemongrass Chicken

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Chicken pot pie with phyllo

Chicken pot pie with phyllo is a healthier version of the original pot pie. I’ve took the idea from the Jamie Oliver show, into which he did a nice salmon pie with phyllo, then I’ve figured, why not cut the fatty crust of the normal pot pie into this flaky healthier version with phyllo. The… Continue reading Chicken pot pie with phyllo

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Chicken a la florentine

Chicken a la florentine is such a light yet creamy meal. The term florentine is french to say from Florence, Italy. It usually means; a meat (can be chicken, pork,egg, etc) on a bed of spinach and a Mornay sauce on top. The mornay sauce is such rich and smooth sauce, it’s basically a bechamel sauce… Continue reading Chicken a la florentine

Appetizers · Salads

Caesar Salad with Chicken and Caperberries

Caesar Salad with Chicken and Caperberries is an healthier version from the traditional one. It doesn’t contain as much sauce, nor too much olive oil. Also, I’ve cut on the bacon bits, back in Canada, some people could crucify me for this…sorry. And finally, I took off the anchovies, which I learned while researching for the recipe,… Continue reading Caesar Salad with Chicken and Caperberries

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Coco-Lime / Spicy-Crunchy Chicken Noodles

This isn’t an asian meal, no curry involved here… There is some typical asian elements, like lemongrass and coconut milk but no ginger or strong curry. This way we’ll get to taste fully the coconut flavor which is often taken over by other stronger taste. The dish simple needs 1 stalk of lemongrass and coconut as… Continue reading Coco-Lime / Spicy-Crunchy Chicken Noodles

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Mango Chicken Tandoori Skewers

Mango Chicken tandoori skewers is such a healthy and warm dish. Tandoori chicken by definition is suppose to be cooked into a Tandoor (clay) oven… but who owns one of those in the western world?? So I simply use the Paste (marinade) called Tandoori, which you can find in markets around the world. The sauce is red, delicious… Continue reading Mango Chicken Tandoori Skewers