Spicy Chicken Stuffed Peppers is an explosive combo of sweet and spicy chicken, pineapple, onion and a touch of habanero hot peppers baked in a red bell pepper—a fun dish with a fiery, fruity spin. A straightforward recipe that looks good fresh and got this spark some of us dig! This spark is called Habanero chilli peppers, and they go wonderfully with pineapples! This version of Chicken Stuffed Peppers is for adventurous people who like this famous duo of sweet and spicy. Habanero Chilli Peppers Habanero chillies are not for everyone; you need to be brave enough to eat them, but they have this fruit aftertaste, which I believe no other chilli peppers have. The good news here is you can use the pepper in moderation, accompanied by some sweet ingredient (in this case, pineapple), which helps to balance the heat. I use a homemade dehydrated habanero powder, but freshly chopped habanero…