Main Meals

Mexican stew

An unctuous and spicy Mexican stew made with a Mole style sauce and tender beef cubes served with tortilla chips, corn and parsley, for an “Olé” night.  I was browsing the Web last week and saw lots of stews and Mexican food around… it made me want them both badly… so I’ve decided to merge them both… Continue reading Mexican stew

Main Meals · Meat & Poultry

Rabbit in wine and chocolate sauce

A braised rabbit covered with an unctuous chocolate sauce with a touch of wine served on a thick mashed potatoes bed. A recipe of Catalan influence. This is a creation inspired by a Catalan dish called Conejo al chocolate, which means rabbit in chocolate. This version is slightly different than the traditional recipe from Catalonia, Spain. I know the… Continue reading Rabbit in wine and chocolate sauce