Pasta with chorizo al vino sauce is inspired by the popular tapas :chorizo al vino. The tapas consist simply of cooking chorizo sausages into red wine and a touch of smoked paprika, nothing else. I’ve used the idea, add a little extra veggies, like sweet bell pepper that goes perfectly with the chorizo and served it on pasta. I’ve thickens the sauce with a little cornstarch and tomato paste. A great spanish flavored dish! Chorizo isn’t a spicy “hot” sausage, it’s a paprika sausage which can be softly spicy, sweet or smoked. I’ve used a smoky paprika chorizo for this dish. Those sausage are everywhere here in Spain, but depending where you are, I guess it might be harder to find those 3 types of chorizo sausages. If you want to reproduce the smokey effect with standard sausages, you can add some smoked paprika (pimenton de la Vera) to the sauce, then…