This Creamy Seafood Chowder variation is for a grown-up with a fancy palate; it features a base of white wine-infused cream with saffron, clams, mussel meat, Salicornia salt, and a last touch of colour: shrimp. Who doesn’t like a comforting Creamy Seafood Chowder? A warm and smooth soup filled with clams and mussels and a unique salt that tastes like the sea. This version of chowder is made with clams, mussel meat, white wine, saffron, and Salicornia salt on a cream base. This clam chowder is nothing complicated to make nor too long and tastes fantastic, a bite into the ocean. The only challenge is to clean up the sand from the clams. Origin of Chowder Well, I fell in love with chowder in Ireland; I thought this thick soup they have all over Ireland was just a surprisingly comforting seafood concoction of theirs, but surprisingly, it’s not. Chowder originated in the…