club sandwich


Avocado Club Sandwich is a no-brainer, the traditional three-layered toasted sandwich with the usual chicken, lettuce, tomato and mayo with extra creamy avocado and slightly cooked cured ham instead of bacon. A twist on the classic Club sandwich, the famous deli favourite from North America. The traditional Club Sandwich has three levels of toasted white bread, chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. This Avocado Club Sandwich version is made by replacing the bacon with a leaner cured ham that is slightly cooked, just enough to make it ultra crispy. Plus, an extra layer of beloved avocado for colour and smoothness is served in whole grain toasted bread, but this is up to you. The Chicken Layer The chicken slices are replaced by a creamy chicken salad mix blended with a touch of mayonnaise, sweet mustard and dill pickle juice (brine) until smooth and extra yummy! An extra half a pickle could also…