Cappuccino on the Rocks is the way to bring all the chocolate notes out of your coffee beans! Pour the hot espresso directly on big ice cubes, add a bit of cold milk foam and voila! This Cappuccino on the Rocks is an excellent start on a hot summer day. All the elements of your favourite cappuccino are in there, with a few extra ice cubes. Strangely, dropping the espresso shot directly on ice cubes brings out the chocolate aromas from the coffee grains. Making ice latte, nitro, or cold brews doesn’t bring out this chocolate touch as this technique does! The only rule about this version is to sip it up rapidly, not to dilute your coffee into the melting ice. The Technique First, foam the milk for about 20 seconds with those affordable manual milk frothers (the ones with a round spiral at the end); they cost barely anything and do…