A nicely caramelized banana with a touch of a caribbean flair to it is hard to resist! This dessert will make you “bananas”! You’ll want more and more until explosion… ok maybe not until explosion but close to it. This is a personal favorite since I’m a kid. My dad used to make us “bananes flambées”, he was using “Grand Marnier” (a orange cognac) and his beautiful copper pan. He would only use his copper pan … for this particular dish. It was always a bit frightening, as a kid, to see those big flames going up, and after all that adrenaline, you would get to eat the tastiest reward: bananes flambées! In the Caribbean, they master the art of bananes flambées, they usually use a little extra orange slice to cook the bananas in. Feel free to use a slice of orange or lemon. I add a little cinnamon, butter, rum…