This is the healthiest alternative to a conventional crumble, and obviously it’s equally delicious! Is there someone on this earth who doesn’t like strawberries? All you’ll need for this recipe is a bunch of those “ruby jewels” that is strawberries and some good old friend: oat. It’s such an easy and simple dessert, that nobody should be able to resist. I, personally, am a big fan of fruity dessert, although I try to cut on the sugar, with this recipe though, I get to eat a fruity and crunchy bite in a healthier way. So let’s get those oven proof ramekin or small pot you own and let’s get that fruity bite ready! Strawberry crumble Makes 1 portion Ingredients 8 sliced strawberries 3 tbsp oat 1 tbsp melted butter 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 tbsp flour 1 tbsp of maple sirup (or honey) 1 tsp white sugar pinch of salt Directions Bring the…