Minty Cucumber Gazpacho is so simple and refreshing on a hot summer day. Blend up some cucumber, green pepper, garlic, onion and mint until smooth and you got yourself a delicious liquid salad! Cucumber Gazpacho is the perfect refreshing soup on a sunny day! A starter to any summer meal, whether it’s a BBQ or else. Also, great as a side-of-the-pool snack. You can serve it as a simple soup or in a pitcher with fine glasses as tapas. The only is: to keep it as cold as possible until served. Laying on ice even would be ultimate. Gazpacho Origin This cold soup is a modern variation of the famous Spanish tomato cold soup Gazpacho (gazpacho recipe here). It contains all the same secondary ingredients, the only missing one here is the tomato. Cucumbers replace the tomato and also a touch of mint, to make it extra fresh. The original gazpacho dates back to…