A simple and tasty mix of cucumber, green pepper, garlic, onion and mint to cool you down on a hot summer day. Cucumber-Mint Gazpacho is the perfect refreshing soup on a sunny day! A great appetizer to any summer meal, you can serve it as a simple soup or in a pitcher with glasses as tapas, with some extra ice cubes if it’s on a sunny day. This cold soup, is a modern variation of the famous Spanish tomato cold soup called gazpacho (gazpacho recipe here). It contains all the same secondary ingredients, the only missing one here is the tomato, which is replaced by lots of cucumber and also a touch of mint, to make it extra fresh. Actually the original gazpacho dates back from the Roman times and wasn’t made with tomatoes since those got imported afterwards from the New world. The original gazpacho, called ajo blanco, was made out of almond, garlic, water and…