Savoury Broccoli cupcakes with a goat cheese frosting are a new style of tapas, or a brunch side dish even a great snack. In other words, quite polivalent and succulent bites! The broccoli cake is quite similar to a quiche, although i’ve used a chickpea flour to make it gluten free and a bit nuttier. The frosting or icing is a goat cheese foam made with the help of a syphon. If you don’t own one, simply add a little piece of goat cheese on top or simply skip it, those broccoli muffins are great on their own too. A savory cupcake isn’t a bad idea, I mean the usual cupcake are such a fun bite, why not make it a savory fun bite? It’s quite easy to make and also gluten free and healthy. Be careful, if it’s intended for a party, and you want to make the cheese frosting, you’ll have…