duck prosciutto


Duck Prosciutto Appetizer with dates and aged cheddar to serve your guests a sweet and salty bite for the holiday season. The holiday season is coming, we’ll soon receive guests at home and/or vice versa. Here is a great idea to make your guests happy as a clam. A lovely plate of duck prosciutto appetizer rolled up around a dated piece and aged cheddar to open up those guests’ stomachs. Those little bites will go away in no time, guaranteed, so make sure to prepare enough of those little nibbles. This recipe is based on an appetizer my mom did last year, which was simply the duck prosciutto and the sharp cheddar with a drizzle of maple syrup. Back then, I really enjoyed it, it was delicious as it was but missing a little “je ne sais quoi”. I also experience the date and bacon mini rolls bites at an English friend’s place…