A traditional, lighter and colourful Spanish Tortilla de Patata or tortilla española made with onions and olive oil. Because we also eat with our eyes! Spanish Tortilla de Patata is so popular over there they eat it at all times; breakfast, lunch or dinner, and even tapas or served as a snack called Pincho. Similar in many ways to her cousin, the frittata. This omelette version is with thicker pieces of potatoes and sometimes onions. I’ve used those lovely Peruvian purple potatoes for this version to give this traditional dish a little colour. They taste and are cooked the same as any other potatoes. I firmly believe in ‘we eat with the eyes too; frankly, this dish needed a little kick. The purple potatoes Yes, purple is not a common one we see in the supermarket, except in Peru. They are smaller than usual potatoes and taste a tad sweeter.…