egg rolls


These purple cabbages Egg rolls flavored with pork, ginger and garlic are enveloped in a light crunchy phyllo. They are also baked instead of fried for a healthier version.  Accompanied with a plum sauce, these egg rolls are a kid’s favorite.  The other day, I was doing my monthly round in my favorite asian market and saw this “plum sauce” bottle, memories came back rushing to me. Memories of my family going to a Chinese restaurant as a child back in Canada and eating my favorite dish there: egg rolls with this plum sauce! I remember, like it was yesterday, dipping my eggrolls into this sweet and sour sauce until I couldn’t breath anymore. What a tasty memory!  I often go shop in this asian shop and never happened to get this “need” of plum sauce. It must have been a sign or something so I bought it. Back home I was searching for a way…