These Retro Egg Sandwich Rolls sliders are fantastic on the table for Christmas or any celebration and always a ‘hit’ for the little ones! An egg spread made with relish, scallions, mayonnaise, and the festive sweet pickle and pepper in the center. Those Egg Salad Pinwheels are my granma’s recipe and were usually tradition to make for Christmas Eve and highly appreciated by the little ones. A fluffy, tasty and fun bite to make the kids wait patiently before unwrapping their gifts. Plus, the leftovers make a fantastic breakfast for the next day! A Family Tradition These sliders are close to my heart; I used to make them every year with my grandma. Now, I’m doing it for my kids and, someday, hopefully, grandkids. Since I can remember, those sandwiches have been part of the Christmas feast (buffet style) at home. My mom would have a table filled with finger food,…