eggnog latte coffee


Skinny Eggnog Latte is a creamy, festive and spicy way to start the holidays! This version is a skinny version meaning I’ve discarded the yolk which contains most of the fat and all the cholesterol from the egg. This christmassy drink by excellence is especially great with a touch of Brandy or Cognac. On a personal note: this is the first time I write a post while devouring what I’m describing. So let me take a sip… yum! Ok ready to describe it in details: The first texture I get is that sweet, nutty and creamy egg foam and then it gets more serious and the lightly spiced coffee pops up and finally the festive touch the : grand marnier. This Cognac is an orange flavored one, perfect for the holidays, especially perfect for the eggnog latte! The technique The other day, I’ve tried the eggnog with all the same ingredients but…