The popular Hugo Spritz is a beloved cocktail cherished for its delicate aroma and festive side. Crafted from elderflower syrup, sparkling wine, mint and lime, this enchanting concoction is served over ice with a hint of sparkling water. Hugo Spritz is a popular European drink made of a simple mix of sparkling wine and water, elderflower syrup, mint, and a slice of lime served on the rocks. It’s so simple, no need to take the shaker out, and it’s a delicate and festive cocktail that suits any occasion. Originally made with Italian Prosecco sparkling wine, this version uses Spanish Cava for a bubblier touch. Origin of the Hugo Spritz This cocktail originated in 2005 from a German living in the Alps who wanted to find a light, festive new aperitif for his guests, a summerish, not-too-strong cocktail. Originally, the drink was called Otto and made from Lemonbalm essence. Being a…