This is the “new” cool drink of the summer, already up, in Germany, and I’m spreading the good news here… Well the original version is from the north of Italy and it contains prosecco, elderflower, lime and mint. In my Spanish version, I’ve used a nice Cava instead of prosecco, and it taste fantastic! Last week we add some company over from Germany, and they told me about this drink. Which, they say, is everywhere in South Germany this spring. I already had some elderflower syrup in the fridge, since I am a big fan of those “Holunder Schorle” Austrian drinks, which is made of sparkling water and elderflower syrup. I couldn’t get enough of that simple drink! This Hugo drink is light, elegant and bubbly, perfect for those hot summer days! For the ones who doesn’t know the elderflower syrup it’s a deliciously perfumed, flowery and sweet flavour, it’s incomparable…