Enoki enveloped in a thinly cut (carpaccio style) beef slices with a dash of tamari and black sesame seeds for a simple and fun bite on your next dinner party. A savory bite These Enoki Beef Rolls savory appetizers originate from Japon, a tender meat rolled around crunchy enoki mushrooms, a drop of tamari and a sprinkle of black sesame. Sometimes, simple is the answer to your guest’s stomach… My Cantonese sister in law made those mini rolls for my family once, slightly differently made (in the wok instead of the oven) but I thought it would make a nice appetizer idea for the holidays. When you receive guests, it’s always a tricky thing to satisfy everyone, this one appetizer is a carnivore pleaser guaranteed, plus it’s so simple to make. You can prepare them in advance and simply put them in the oven when your guests arrive and 10 minutes laters…