Mediterranean Fajitas is a merge of two cuisines, the format is all Tex-Mex although the flavours are purely Mediterranean with lots of thyme, garlic, olive oil, etc. Let me explain the toppings first, this version of guacamole is made similar to the original one except, i’ve used flat leaf parsley instead of cilantro. Mediterranean means olive oil, garlic, thyme and parsley to me so the salsa fresca is packed with those 4 ingredients. Made with a touch of olive oil, spring onion, garlic and thyme. The filling is a typical chicken fillets, bell pepper and onion. I’ve saute the chicken with a wok in some olive oil (do not use the extra-virgin olive oil, use the virgin, refined or light olive oil for sauté, it is way more resistant to the heat, goes up to 240°C ) with garlic and thyme. This dish is a healthy, flavorful and fairly easy one to make and a sure “hit” for the kids. You could add…