Spiced Coconut Pumpkin Soup is an easy autumnal soup made with roasted pumpkin, a touch of coconut milk, ginger, cumin and garlic to warm up smoothly before the winter comes. Spiced Coconut Pumpkin Soup is a creamy, colorful and aromatic soup. To balance the sweetness of pumpkin and coconut milk, a bit of ginger and cumin will come to the rescue! The type of pumpkin used would preferable be a red kuri or butternut squash, although any type would do. The roasting of the pumpkin pieces in the oven is what give a pumpkin soup its kick! The smaller the pieces of pumpkin the more Maillard reaction (browning), the more taste your soup will have. Balancing the sweetness I saw so many pumpkin soups out there and many of them are on the sweet side of the spectrum, which is, to me, more of a dessert soup. The sweetness of…