Fresh Broad Beans Pasta served with cured pancetta, olive oil, and truffled pecorino is the perfect spring dish. A delicate mix of ingredients to highlight the little brother of Fava beans. This Broad Beans Pasta recipe is my ultimate spring dish; this time of the year in Spain is the beginning of this delicate and sweet fava/broad beans season. This pasta dish looks easy on the eyes, but collecting each bean from the pods is quite labour-intensive. Rest assured; the end result pays back! Are Fava and Board Beans the Same? Yes! They are. Although we call fava the dried version, which turns darker, the board bean is the bean collected from the fresh and green pod. The beans are doubly protected (as seen above), first by the pod measuring about 20cm long, which contains about eight beans. This shell is comestible and could be fried and consumed, although if…