Monkfish and Clams Fideuà is an authentic Catalan dish similar to a paella although the rice is replaced by Fideus, a short thin noodle that is fried, then it soaks the Mediterranean flavoured stock with some extra saffron touch.  The Catalan have a gastronomy of their own, and one of their most distinctive dish would be the Fideuà. They make all kind of Fideuà dish, it’s quite similar to paellas but it’s made with a noodle called Fideus. It’s usually also served in a paella pan and to make it to perfection is an art! This version here is a simplified, home version, although I’ll let you know how to nail a really professional looking Fideuà in the post. Let’s start with a general view of this Catalan dish. General view The small 1 cm long and thin piece of noodle is far from being used the “Italian way”, first of all, fideuà is never”al dente”,…