Those mini crunchy asparagus quiches are a bite into spring! The beauty of this meal is: it’s polyvalence, whether you eat your quiche warm, or cold… or change the vegetable in it… if you feel like mushrooms or ham etc. Go ahead make those with whatever you feel like. A mini Quiche Lorraine maybe? the original one with smoked pork belly bits, which is slightly less healthy… but Oh! so delicious! If your metabolism allows you, go ahead and make some nice mini lard and cheese ones. I’ve chose my favorite spring vegetable; the green asparagus, also a bit of leeks and gruyère to make it extra tasty! You can prepare them in advance and serve them as tapas on a warm spring afternoon or pack them up for a picnic. I mean, those mini quiches are so useful.They are as delicious warm or cold. For this dish, I’ve used the filo (phyllo)…