Chicken fingers is the kid’s favorite dish, and let’s say… I am an eternal kid… No shame here… Those chicken bits are the perfect comfort food, or home feeling food… Especially with this brown sauce, fries and vinegar coleslaw (recipe), it brings me right back to my childhood, more precisely, the beloved French Canadian “Rotisserie Restaurant” called “St-Hubert”. Every French Canadian would tell you… this place taste like home… it’s nothing fancy just nice and simple roasted chicken a 1000 different ways. My favorite dish was the chicken fingers obviously… as a kid… until today… I mean, it’s an emotional meal this one, and yes everytime I go back to Canada, I have to make a stop at St-Hubert to get myself those chicken fingers. The famous brown sauce is the secret of that restaurant, it is served with every single dishes of theirs. My version which is delicious, although I…