Red and Green Pesto and Parmesan Phyllo Sticks are crunchy, fun and easy appetizer to make for the holiday season. A crowd pleaser guaranteed! This holiday season is going to be a hit with those two color Pesto and Parmesan Phyllo Sticks. They are easy to do and terribly fun and tasty. I’ve used two different types or pesto; the popular green pesto a la genovese (basil) and also a red pesto (dried tomato). I thought it would be great to have both colors for the holidays. Those fingers are a nice bite for any dinner party, finger buffet or snacks. You can easily cook them ahead of time and they stay crispy and tasty for long leaving you time to work on other things while the guests are gathering around the table. The cheese This recipe suggest parmesan because it brings in an extra umami touch but it could easily be any…