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Flamed scallops on quinoa fusilli

Flamed scallops on quinoa fusilli is a nice light meal to start the summer. This dish is filled with slightly cooked bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, lime zest and fresh basil leaves. The sauce is mainly a little butter in which the scallops seared in before getting flamed and caramelized with an orange flavored cognac/brandy (Grand Marnier). A divine… Continue reading Flamed scallops on quinoa fusilli


Bananes flambees in rum

A nicely caramelized banana with a touch of a caribbean flair to it is hard to resist! This dessert will make you “bananas”! You’ll want more and more until explosion… ok maybe not until explosion but close to it. This is a personal favorite since I’m a kid. My dad used to make us “bananes… Continue reading Bananes flambees in rum