Light Mini Filo Quiches are fun and easy! Made with eggs, leeks and Gruyere cheese and to make them extra crispy a shell of filo/phyllo pastry. Mini Filo Quiches is my take on the northern France dish called Flamiche. The traditional recipe is a kind of quiche filled with leeks, cream and a touch of cheese. You can prepare them in advance for a picnic, party or snack. On top of that, so polyvalent, you can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They always fit right in, on the go or at the table served with a nice green salad and Riesling. These little bites are quite adaptable. The Flamiche usually uses a lot of cream, for this skinny version, I’ve done a velouté instead to lower the calorie intake. Also, I’ve used my favourite trick to bring down the calories; I’ve used phyllo lightly sprayed with olive oil instead of…