focaccia formaggio


The northern Mediterranean coast of Italy is filled with succulent food, more precisely this region is the mother land of the famous pesto alla genovese and the focaccia al formaggio. Those two recipes originate from the northern part of Italy, pesto comes precisely from Liguria region while the thick olive oil focaccia is said to be originating somewhere around northern Italy. Although to find the exact origin of focaccia is quite impossible… for the simple fact that it has been around since the Etruscans or Ancient Greeks times, way before Julius Caesar raised his Roman Empire. Although in Liguria region they make a special type of focaccia, a soft cheese filled crispy thin version called focaccia di Recco col formaggio. Let’s start with the Primo piatto, or first plate, which is the pasta dish usually in Italy. Trofiette al pesto is a type of pasta made on a wood board and rolled into small 3 cm spirals. They are…