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10 Tapas Places to try in Barcelona

Tapas originate in the South of Spain, more precisely Andalusia. Although in Barcelona, Catalonia, tapas came later than in the rest of the country. The “trend” arrived in Barcelona only about 30-40 years ago, but it picked up at a fast pace. Today being one of the few cities in Spain where you can find… Continue reading 10 Tapas Places to try in Barcelona

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A foodilicious week in Aegina, Greece

Greece the land of Temples, the birth of democracy and mythology but also land of exquisite cuisine. I’ve spend a week in Aegina this summer, a small island, about 1 hour south of Athens by boat. This Island is a special one, first it’s home to the Temple of Aphaia, one of the best preserved doric temples… Continue reading A foodilicious week in Aegina, Greece

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Figs and Goat cheese salad

This salad will make you want to forget all those other salads before this one. A simple combination that makes fireworks. Like in the Ratatouille movie, when the rat melt cheese on the mushroom with the help of a lightning bolt… Some ingredients are just much better coupled and this is a good example. A melted goat… Continue reading Figs and Goat cheese salad