A crunchy and slightly bitter Beer-battered Fish and Chips is a recipe beloved in the UK and simple to reproduce at home. Served with two typical dips of mushy pea and tartar sauces and homemade fries/Chips, it’s a comfort meal with omega-3! I’ve decided to say farewell to our old European companions with a traditional dish of theirs: the famous Fish and Chips. More precisely, a Brown Ale Beer-battered Fish and Chips. Since the whole Brexit thing is quite bitter for most, I wanted to use their own “bitter beer” to make the batter; here is a nice review of many bitter beers from England! Choose whatever one you prefer! Fun Facts about Fish N Chips Here are a few fun facts about this beloved dish! They were served in cone-shaped newspapers until the 80s to absorb the fat; they’ve stopped using them because of the hazardous ink contact with food.…