I’ve decided to say farewell to our old European companions with a traditional dish of theirs; the famous Fish and Chips. More precisely, a Brown Ale Beer Battered Fish and Chips. Since the whole Brexit thing is bitter to most, I wanted to use they own “bitter beer” to make the batter, but could not find any, where I live…  sadly. It would have been the perfect Brexit dish. I was surprised to learn in wikipedia, while doing my research for the dish, that this meal was imported to England by Spanish Jews in the 17th century… well the fried fish part. It makes total sense, since the “pescado frito”, floured fried fish, as a long history as a tapa in Spain. For this dish, I’ve used hake fillets, another popular choice is cod or haddock. Another particularity is the mushy pea dip on the side, which is eaten with the fries/chips. A healthy side…