Looking for a different way to cool down this summer? Try those exquisitely smooth fig, honey and goat cheese popsicles. So easy to make, and different. I love to mix salty and sweet together, and popsicles seem to be always just on the sweet side, so why not make it a touch more interesting with goat cheese? The result is simply heavenly, creamy and a touch of crunch if you add some almonds. I’ve done it 2 ways, one way is in a normal popsicle mold and the other is simply a fig rolled into the same yogurt, goat cheese mixture topped with some almond. They both work great, and the goat cheese isn’t too powerful, just add a touch of it, no need to taste the whole cheese here, we just want to compliment the figs with it. The frozen fig popsicle (version 1) The first version I did was…