Gnocchi al Pomodoro is a fun and pillowy gnocchi on a bed of tomato sauce. Topped with crispy cured ham, shaved parmesan and arugula to bring a nice crunch. A mouthful of flavours and textures! This Gnocchi al Pomodoro recipe is so easy, fast and too good tasting for the time and preparation it needs. It’s not a traditional “Italian” dish, per se but a personal experiment. It’s a dish filled with textures, in one bite you’ll get a smooth gnocchi, tangy tomato sauce and a crunchy ham or fresh arugula. A Romantic dish, with all those textures and colours going, perfect for Valentine’s day. Is Gnocchi Pasta? Let’s talk gnocchi for a sec… They look like pasta and come with a sauce like pasta but they are not per se the usual semolina pasta… they are potato dumplings. First of all, I chose pre-made gnocchis from the market, if you want to make…