Indulge in the cozy embrace of autumn with this Butternut Squash Fall Risotto, perfectly harmonized with the bold tang of sharp blue cheese. This creamy delight is tailored to warm up your chilly fall nights, offering a comforting experience that eases you into the colder months. You can use the popular butternut squash, acorn or leftover pumpkin carvings you just carved with the kids for this fall risotto. Generally, winter squashes are sweet and need an excellent contrasting element to balance. Sharp blue cheese, being spicy and sharp, will balance perfectly with the sweet and smooth squash, turning this dish into a dynamic and well-balanced one. Blue Cheese Types Well, there is a whole world of blue cheeses, some made of sheep, goat, cow or a mix of milk. The general rule for blue cheese is the more blue veins, the more potent it is. Personally, I’m a big Roquefort…