Gravlax on a spinach salad is such a good mix! The crunchy texture of the spinach goes perfectly with the tender salmon and the sweet mustard dressing. If you do a Gravlax and you have leftovers and would like to eat it a different way maybe, try this salad. This salmon is made with a simple dry marinade of equal parts salt and sugar with an extra dill, nothing more… There are many recipes out there, some add gin, lemon zest etc… you decide of the extras you’d like. The dish was made by fishermen from the Middle age, in the northern part of Europe. They used to salt the salmon, they freshly caught, and then ditch them in the sand, by the sea, to ferment. Nowadays, we simply brine the salmon. Just need to plan it ahead, because it takes a minimum of 24 hours to marinate. I usually do it…