Hake with crunchy skin served on roasted potatoes and asparagus with a few capers to salt things up! This is like any fish recipe should be; a colorful filled with textures. I don’t know for you, but I love when fish has a crisp and salty skin, I just love that contrast of textures between the soft fish meat and its crunchy skin. To make this skin crisps in the oven, I’ve simply add a little cornstarch to the skin, (with the help of a single tea filter holder) plus salt and oil and cooked it in the oven skin side up. This way you’ll get a crunch in your skin, without having to use the pan and fry the fish. It might not be as crunchy as a fried skin but it’s still firm and crisp, you’ll see. Hake Hake is a sustainable fish, a great choice for our planet and our plates. Plus,…