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Blue cheese focaccia

This is a modified recipe to make a healthier, or lower fat, focaccia dough. It’s a hybrid between naan bread and focaccia, to be more exact. Traditional focaccia uses an oil-based dough, but this one contains very little oil, the secret here: yogurt. Naan bread is such a moist, light and fluffy dough. Personally, I like to make my… Continue reading Blue cheese focaccia

Main Meals · Pasta and Bread Meals · Vegetarian

Zucchinis filled with Tomato Sauce

A nicely roasted round zucchini filled with a homemade Tomato Sauce topped with a smooth Bechamel served on pasta to have a different twist to a simple pasta dish. When it’s season again for those nice little round zucchinis/courgette, I’m the first one in line to buy them! They are fantastic, you just fill them… Continue reading Zucchinis filled with Tomato Sauce

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Caribbean chicken & pineapple wok

This recipe is a bite into the tropics, brings you right to those caribbean islands, also is a great recipe for those people on eternal diet, like myself. You can spice it up to your liking and with whichever is your favorite hot pepper… mine are the habanero peppers. My husband happen to grow them… Continue reading Caribbean chicken & pineapple wok

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Crunchy Salmon on a red quinoa, bean salad

  This is a recipe I make pretty much every week, because it’s a tasty and healthy meal. I love the crunch factor, especially with fish dishes. Salmon is the protagonist here, that fish is an omega-3 bomb so I try to eat lots of it. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain high mercury levels, unlike tuna or other… Continue reading Crunchy Salmon on a red quinoa, bean salad

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Oven backed Falafel

This is an healthy oven baked falafel recipe. Lately, I’ve been trying to eat more vegetarian due to all those recent studies that have come out about how bad meat is for you and the environment. But sadly… the truth is… I could not live without meat, so instead I simply compromise. I try to eat meat… Continue reading Oven backed Falafel