Summer is almost here… it’s time for outdoor fun, for a refreshing Hibiscus Sangria with mango, mandarin, lime and Cava (sparkling wine) to make it fizzy! I saw a recipe not long ago of “Agua de Jamaica,” a simple juice made by infusing hibiscus leaves and sugar, then cooling it and voila! The picture looked so yummy, and I thought, those flowers are so pretty… they must taste good too. Well, I found some hibiscus leaves in the market and tried them as a simple tea… without any sugar… wasn’t tasting as they looked…  I was shocked by how unpleasant that infusion was… then I had little Stevia (0 calorie sugar) and cooled it overnight. Wow! The difference it makes with a bit of sugar sometimes… It went from 0 to 1000! Same goes for this Hibiscus Sangria! Health Benefits of Hibiscus Hibiscus leaves have many health benefits; they help control your blood…