All there is to know about Tapas! The ultimate way of life for Spaniards and a delicious way to explore and get the essence of beautiful Spain.  What are Tapas? Tapas, are neither a simple meal nor a snack; they’re a social event, a way of living, and a philosophy in Spain. Did you know Spain has the most bar per habitat? Yes, before Ireland and UK! This is where you find original tapas. A great way to meet friends to chat around a beverage, whether wine, beer or vermouth, while eating up a small bite. Misconception Many believe tapas are those small plates you accumulate in the middle of the table to share between a group of people. Still, the truth is a “tapa” is thought initially for one person only and, by tradition, eaten standing up at the bar. If you want to share plates, you’ll need a “ración,”…