Hoisin Meatballs are made with tamarind, ginger and garlic seasoned beef and a simple hoisin glaze. Those gluten-free round bites go well as an appetizer, on noodles or rice. Mini Hoisin Meatballs are kid-friendly and polyvalent. They go well as an appetizer or main meal and are simply divine when paired with some crunchy carrots, cucumber, scallions and a few peanuts. Also, a fast and easy way to make a last-minute meal. Simply cook a bunch up and keep some frozen meatballs for later. Experimenting with Meatballs I used chickpea flour this time to replace the “usual breadcrumb” to soak up all the moisture from the meatballs and bound them well. This way it makes them “gluten-free” and gives the meat an extra protein boost. I didn’t use any eggs since they were holding great without them! I guess eggs are used for bigger-sized meatballs, it makes them hold better, but…