hot dog


Summer is here and we yummy new recipes for BBQ season! Who doesn’t like a good hot dog? This version of hot dog is somehow, a little healthier than the usual one. Let me explain here… since the worst part of a traditional hot dog is in the actual Ketchup that tops it, which is filled with sugar, pure candy… I’ve exchange it for a honey mustard. The choice of the sausage and bread is up to you, I’ve chose an organic and larger sausage and a black olive soft baguette. Baguettes are great for hot dog! I always use baguette since there isn’t much healthy choices in hot dog bread varieties where I live…At the bottom of the Hot Dog, I’ve added a bed of those tasty onion sprouts. To finish it of  mexican style, if you want to, you can add a few dices of tomatoes in there, then it would…