ile d’orleans


Orleans Island is a calm and peaceful place filled with nature, deer, maple trees, agriculture, and lots of history. The island was discovered by Jacques Cartier back in 1535. The land and its microclimate make the island ultra-fertile and a great place to cultivate. Situated right next to Quebec city, it is a great getaway place for the weekend. Since it’s quite a seasonal place, the island wakes up slowly in the early spring with the ‘Cabanes a sucre’ (sugar shacks) season. Join the earthy brunch of a sugar shack with its live music and maple syrup on everything! Finishing always with a tire sure neige which is the maple toffee made on snow. In the early summertime, it’s the berries season (except blueberry, which is at the end of summer). Then the sweet corn in August and fall, it’s apple and pumpkin season. The island has many “pick it up yourself” places, which is an excellent…