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Cauliflower Tandoori

Want a badaboom presentation for your next dinner party? The Cauliflower Tandoori is a great way to go, plus it’s healthy, easy and mildly spicy, who could resist? I’m a big fan of Indian food, although the mild type of Indian. My husband is a big fan of the Vandaloo sauce which is so crazy spicy, I… Continue reading Cauliflower Tandoori

Main Meals · Side Dishes · Vegetarian

Indian spinach (Saag)

Indian spinach (Saag) is a great vegetarian dish, if you are looking for some new ideas to make light, vegetarian meals this is the way to go. Indian food has a great varieties of vegetarian dishes, always loaded with flavours, sometimes really hot, other times mild. This spinach dish is a mild spiced one and terribly easy… Continue reading Indian spinach (Saag)

Main Meals · Vegetarian

Lauki Koftas

Lauki Koftas is an indian dish; a bottle gourd dumpling into a hot curry sauce. This vegetable goes by many names; Calabash, opo, Lauki, bottle gourd…It’s origin is from Africa although the bright green skin kind is the most popular in Asia. The gourd contains over 90% of water so you’ll have to drain and keep the… Continue reading Lauki Koftas


Curry Popcorn

Curry powder popcorn is a great way to heat up a bit your popcorn. If you are one of those soft curry lovers, or for a nice Bollywood movie… try those popcorns! You’ll love it. Since I’ve started doing that a few years back, it became the only way I eat popcorn. There is a little butter… Continue reading Curry Popcorn

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Mango Chicken Tandoori Skewers

Mango Chicken tandoori skewers is such a healthy and warm dish. Tandoori chicken by definition is suppose to be cooked into a Tandoor (clay) oven… but who owns one of those in the western world?? So I simply use the Paste (marinade) called Tandoori, which you can find in markets around the world. The sauce is red, delicious… Continue reading Mango Chicken Tandoori Skewers

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Indian Cauliflower

Cauliflower have such delicate taste and texture, why not give it an edge and spice it up a bit. Last week, I saw that nice recipe cauliflower-paneer-kofta-curry on the exquisite “Curry trail” blog, and I felt inspired, only problem is the balls are fried and since I’m on an eternal diet… I should cut out the frying, so… Continue reading Indian Cauliflower