Guinness beef pot pie with a thick rustic crust to celebrate St.Patrick’s day this year? A pie filled with tender meat, carrots, onions and green peas. A perfect pairing to a cold Guinness! If you cannot resist a good Guinness on St.Patrick’s day, this Guinness Beef Pot Pie is the perfect meal to accompany it. This black beer isn’t just great; it’s also one of the highest-quality broths. It gives any stew or meat pie a deep, rich colour and caramelized flavour. Also, Guinness pairs perfectly with one of my favourite sauce thickeners; chocolate. A single piece of dark chocolate at the end of cooking will thicken the broth just enough and give the meat filling this richer hue. A Half Pie This recipe could easily be a stew! If you add 200 ml of broth to the whole recipe and skip the crust part, you’ll have a fantastic stew. Although since I’ve…